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Marjorie Ann Lemke & Ronald Greshner's Wedding
1970: Baby Connie with her mom, Marjorie
1970: Marjorie & Ron Greshner with baby Connie
~1972: Little Connie
1978: Marjorie, one year before her death
1980: Connie & one of her many kittens, 10 years old
1980: Connie with her baby cousin (Tammy)
1981: Connie with classmates at Saint Mary's Academy
1981-1982: Connie at Saint Mary's Academy
1981-1982: Candy binge day at Saint Mary's Academy
1988: Christmas with Bilbo the Cat
1988: Connie, 17 years old
~1990: Connie and her beloved truck
~1990: Connie, 20-21 years old
1993: Dick and Connie
1998: Jennifer & Connie at the Revolving Restaurant
2000: SFU Masters Graduation
2003: Connie with her oldest brother, Steven
2004: Connie, afraid of nothing.
2005: Connie enjoying the west coast, visiting Jennifer
2007: Connie on her wedding day
2015: Connie, beach vacation
Connie, loving life
Marjorie Anne's Grave 1944-1979
Ronald Greshner



February 15, 2020

The Crooked Spoon Cafe

Campbell River, BC


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