"Connie Greshner’s book, Borderline Shine, is an inspirational roller coaster ride detailing a bright and resourceful woman’s path to recovery and liberation. Greshner writes in succinct, clear prose, describing a childhood marked by trauma, upheaval and years of struggling with impulsivity and emotional storms that people suffering from borderline personality disorder will surely relate to. Like many people with these challenges, Greshner’s incredible strengths kept trying to shine through, only to be obscured time and again. Her tenacity, compassion, and drive to help others gradually won out, and she was able to devote her career to helping others with mental health problems and establish a life worth living. I highly recommend Borderline Shine as an inspirational, honest, and intimate story of resilience and recovery." 

Alexander L. Chapman, Ph.D., Professor and Coordinator, Clinical Science Department of Psychology Simon Fraser University; President DBT Centre of Vancouver Inc.

"The book is a valuable insight into mental illness, and a reminder of human fragility. That Connie Greshner remains vulnerable is clear in her blog, where recent entries document events and feelings as the Pandemic closes in. What matters is that now she recognises the symptoms and knows how to deal with them. I wish her well, and I thank her for giving me the opportunity to listen to her story."

Phyllis Reeve, The Ormsby Review

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